Improving Claim Submission Accuracy: Greater Transparency = Provider Engagement: A Case Study on NDC Mandates

$35 billion of drug-related revenue comes from healthcare provider offices. Health plans have established policies that require additional information, not just the HCPCS code. This additional information enables payors to differentiate between drugs that exist under the same billing codes. Recent claims analysis revealed a high degree of confusion from providers on what is required to meet NDC unit mandates. Learn how additional coding data can assist claims processing as well as the value of the implementation of better payment structures.

Improving Claim Submission Accuracy Starts with
Provider Engagement through Greater Transparency

A Case Study on NDC Mandates

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Todd Cooperman, PharmD, MBA, R.Ph.Cristina Arnold BSN, RN
SVP, Clinical Insights and AnalyticsSVP, Sales and Market Development

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Ensure claim accuracy and crosswalk drug codes

Help organizations make the best decisions for drug formularies

Combine clinical diagnosis and procedural coding matched to the right drug and dosage, as well as the most cost-efficient specialty drug price