Addressing Drug Wastage: $3 Billion Challenge – White Paper


Is your organization ready to recapture some of the $3 Billion lost each year to drug wastage?

Have single-dose vials, dose, and waste, created a reimbursement challenge?

What is drug wastage? How does drug wastage occur? What is the size and scope of drug wastage? Who does drug wastage impact? How can drug wastage be addressed?


In RJ Health’s latest whitepaper, we examine how vial sizes, dosage variances, and reimbursement policies can impact providers financially. Wastage is especially an issue with specialty drugs. In a study conducted by Bach et al., it was estimated that within the Oncology drug class alone there was $3 Billion in potential wastage each year. Drug wastage can impact any and all parties within healthcare. It can even ultimately impact how much a patient ends up paying. Organizations have incorporated new policies and requirements to address this, but wastage needs to be approached from several different angles in order to properly control it. To learn more and view the results of RJ’s wastage claim analysis, enter the information below to download.

Authored by

Todd Cooperman PharmD, MBA RPh

SVP, Clinical Insights and Analytics



Manoj Kumar, MBA, CPHIMS

SVP Products & Innovation.


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