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Increasing healthcare costs continue to outpace inflation in the United States. Specialty drug costs are the largest driver and component to healthcare spend. This surge has led to transformative patent care but has also given rise to a disproportionate total healthcare spend. Major drivers of medical drug spend are the complex processing of medical drug claims, multiple pricing methodologies driven by site of care, fee schedules and average sales pricing and the lack of transparency in the HCPCS billing system.

At this year’s AMCP (Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy) Meeting, RJ Health will be exhibiting its tools to better help specialty drug manufacturers, payors, healthcare providers, and pharmacies maintain and increase transparency between each other and their respective vendors.

RJ Health offers Reimbursement Codes as a solution to optimize reimbursement for medically covered specialty drugs for the healthcare industry.

Reimbursement Codes is the number one resource to ensure reimbursement accuracy. It provides you with pricing, coding and clinical information for medically covered drugs. Dive into our comprehensive database of HCPCS and CPT Drug codes and NDCs by searching for anything using our global search.

The drug card streamlines workflow by having pricing, our NDC Crosswalk for each HCPCS and CPT Code in one location. Here you will find code level AWP, Wholesale Acquisition, Medicare Allowable, APC, and our CMAC Code Level Pricing.

Our NDC Unit Conversion calculator will allow you to apply billable HCPCS Code Units to all of our pricing methodologies and will help with NDC mandates by converting HCPCS/CPT Level Units to NDC Units.

Increase insight into coding and clinical indications using our Drug Diagnosis Coding 10, Min/Max Plus, Age/Gender, Administration Codes, and Part B or D modules; accessible from the Drug Card.

With Reimbursement Codes you can gain a 360-degree view of where a claim error may occur and how to correct them.

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