Flu Vaccine Claims Processing: NDC vs. Code Units – Webinar Segment – Specialty Drug Reimbursement

Whether the product comes in a single or multi-dose vile can also affect billing units. In this example, there is one billing unit contained in a single-dose vial, and 10 billing-units are contained in a multi-dose vial. In this case, it is helpful that the NDCs cross-walk back to different codes. Conversion factors are often incorporated into the claims processing system, so make sure the number of code units entered match the units of measure, and you know which unit type applies to your system and the claim fields you are populating. We also have a unit conversion calculator within ReimbursementCodes which can apply a single code unit dose and then apply it to an NDC and convert to those NDC units.


This segment is from RJ Health’s On-Demand Webinar: Vaccine Coding Challenges

Presented by: Christopher Webb, CPhT, Director of Product Development


Laura Benson, PharmD, RPh, Clinical Informatics Pharmacist