AMCP 2018

Employees of the RJ Health family are starting to report in from our exhibit at the AMCP 2018 meeting.

An emerging common theme is the focus on outcomes value and how to define, measure and reimburse based on value.  While many presentations are exploring the topic, there does not yet appear to be a definitive answer in the U.S. to the value proposition.  All seem to agree there is a continuing paradigm shift away from Value = Patient Benefit/Cost to a numerator less considered in isolation of societal cost.  With so many great minds and organizations focused on the arena an answer is imminent but decidedly variable.  The most meaningful value concept for me came from Lou Garrison, PhD who helped me to realize that burgeoning quality and value assessment is a proxy for asking the patient what they would pay for the medical service with the determinants of the value, Payers, acting a agents for their patients.

In a highlight presentation this morning, Specialty Pharmaceuticals in Development, Aimee Tharaldson, PharmD not only reviewed recently approved specialty drugs, but also drugs in the pipeline with specialty indications going out in some cases to 2020.  (A daunting task for her one hour and 15-minute time allotment.)  The speaker also addressed trends within the market including the following.

  • The slow uptake of biosimilars, with Remicade still taking 97% of the market share.
  • With newer therapies and earlier diagnosis, cancer becoming more a chronic disease.
  • Drugs with an orphan disease designation represent 44% of the pipeline.
  • With a total spend of $444 PMPY in 2017 specialty drugs outpaced the growth of traditional drug spend, capturing 41% of the pharmacy drug spend in 2017.

Please stop by our booth during exhibit hours to discuss how RJ Health can assist in the management of your specialty drug spend.  You can also review RJ Health’s blog submissions for additional information on the 2018 pipeline.